How to Create More Harmony In Your Life

Creating more harmony in our lives often goes on the back burner to all of the other things that are weighing on our minds.  We have questions like, "How am I going to make ends meet this month?", "How am I going to get my teen to adjust their attitude?", "When am I...

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What are the Secrets About True Balance?

Over the years we have all heard the experts speaking about balance in your life. I really think it was just their way of trying to make you feel better about being average. The truth is that there is no balance whenever are going after a goal. There is no magic wand...

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How to Have an Empowering Mindset Regarding Sales

If you are in sales and have the wrong mindset about what you are doing, it can kill your sales. You may even quit your sales job because you feel like you are doing something that is worthwhile and good. Here are some tips on how to have an empowering mindset...

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How to Use Soft Sales Approaches that Actually Work

Many people say, "I don't like to sell.", "I'm not a salesperson.", etc. What many of them really mean is, "I don't want to be a high pressure salesperson that twists people's arms!" If that is what you are thinking then I don't blame you at all and the truth is that...

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Katya McEwen is a loving mother and wife, mentor, entrepreneur and coach. You can find her chasing her always traveling daughter around the world or at her beautiful home enjoying the views of the golf course with her husband Jeff and four-legged fur baby, Trinky.


3 Steps Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Influence

Having influence allows us to work with people easier, help others make the right decisions and it helps us to get what we want out of life. Developing influence is not a luxury. It is something that we must dedicate time to developing so we can live a higher quality...

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